Mahogany - Kenisiology Trainer

A gentle energetic treatment using pressure points on the head allowing breakthroughs in thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

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A deeply relaxing, hands on energy healing where your therapist gently holds points on
your head that clear unwanted thoughts, beliefs, points of view, and doubts that hold
you back from being all that you can be and living a life you love. This helps to ‘rewire’
the brain for new ideas and thoughts to come through.

When these points are held, the electromagnetic charge of these self-limiting beliefs
and ideas are released which allows for effective and tremendous changes to occur. It
is life changing. It’s a gentle technique that clears the mind chatter and offers peace and
creation in return.

Access Bars Training Pricing

Book Now for the final spots in our Access Bars – Access Consciousness Course.
These are 1 day courses that are fun, engaging and involve treating each other through the entire process.

9am-5pm $360

Sunshine Coast Sunday July 30th
Townsville Friday 8 September 2023

Access Bars Treatment Pricing


60 mins


90 mins


Access Bars Therapist Training

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Access Bars Caloundra

Caloundra Access Bars Benefits:

  • Reduces mental chatter

  • Deep relaxation

  • A catalyst for life change

  • Be able to view ‘problems’ differently/span>

  • Improve physical and emotional health

  • More kindness, gratitude, peace and calm

  • Erases self-limitation

  • Improved sleep & moods

and much more…

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Access Bars

Mahogany - Kenisiology Trainer
Triangle of Health

Bring Balance Back to Your Life…

The services are based on the idea of the triangle of health. Each side being represented by physical health, emotional well-being and energy systems.

If any of these areas are functioning below their potential, the balance of the triangle becomes uneven.

At MindBody Mechanics, a variety of modalities are used to heal and balance your systems to bring the body and mind back into harmony.