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Kinesiology is the ‘magic’ of healing.
A true formula that gets amazing results

Based in Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology uses Muscle Testing to tap into the subconscious mind to assess, correct and balance the energy systems, emotions and physical body with amazing results.

Full Practitioner Certification available or open to the general public to learn this true healing modality for family and friends.

Your teacher Mahogany Mount has been a practising therapist for over 20 years, with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

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Book Now for the final spots in our Level 1 Touch For Health Kinesiology Course.
These are 2 day courses that are fun, engaging and involve treating each other through the entire process.

Sunshine Coast – Sat/Sun 25-26 March 2023

✔ 2 Days face to face training per level  ✔ In depth class manual

✔ Printed Certificate  ☺ Give and receive at least 2 treatments per day

✔ Online support group  ✔ Ongoing trainer support

✔ CPE points  ✔ Morning and afternoon tea

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What You Will Learn:

  • How To Muscle Test

  • Assess and balance trauma, physical pain and emotional blocks

  • Balance techniques include; 5 elements, 42 Muscles, sound, emotions, colour, energy meridians and past life balance

  • Muscle Testing for nutrition

  • Pain tapping techniques

  • Postural Stress Release

  • Emotional Stress Release Technique

  • Tibetan figure 8 energy

and much more…

Short Courses & Corporate Training Available Too…

You too can train in Kinesiology

We offer training and therapy in many different modalities…


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Kenisiology Sunshine Coast

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Mahogany - Kenisiology Trainer
Triangle of Health

Bring Balance Back to Your Life…

The services are based on the idea of the triangle of health. Each side being represented by physical health, emotional well-being and energy systems.

If any of these areas are functioning below their potential, the balance of the triangle becomes uneven.

At MindBody Mechanics, a variety of modalities are used to heal and balance your systems to bring the body and mind back into harmony.